Product Summary

The FL032PIF is a 32-Mbit CMOS 3.0 Volt single-power-supply Flash memory device. The device consists of 64 uniform 64 KB sectors with the two (Top or Bottom) 64 KB sectors further split up into thirty-two 4KB sub sectors. The FL032PIF is fully backward compatible with the S25FL032A device. The device accepts data written to SI (Serial Input) and outputs data on SO (Serial Output). The FL032PIF is designed to be programmed in-system with the standard system 3.0-volt VCC supply.


FL032PIF absolute maximum ratings: (1)Ambient Storage Temperature: -65℃ to +150℃; (2)Voltage with Respect to Ground: All Inputs and I/Os: -0.5V to VCC+0.5V; (3)Output Short Circuit Current: 200 mA.


FL032PIF features: (1)Single power supply operation: Full voltage range: 2.7 to 3.6V read and write operations; (2)Memory architecture: Uniform 64 KB sectors; Top or bottom parameter block (Two 64-KB sectors (top or bottom) broken down into sixteen 4-KB sub-sectors each); 256-byte page size; Backward compatible with the S25FL032A device; (3)Program: Page Program (up to 256 bytes) in 1.5 ms (typical); Program operations are on a page by page basis; Accelerated programming mode via 9V W#/ACC pin; Quad Page Programming.


FL032PIF block diagram