Product Summary

The FLI8538-LF-BE is a LCD TV Controller. The Genesis Microchip FLI8538-LF-BE offers high integration for advanced applications of Picture in Picture (PiP) and Picture by Picture (PBP) with an integrated video decoder with a 3D comb filter. The FLI8538-LF-BE can power up to 1080p displays with the proven DCDi Cinema branded technology.


FLI8538-LF-BE features: (1)Integrated 3D Video Decoder ; (2)Flexible Digital and Analog Capture up to 150 MHz ; (3)VBI Signal Processing including WST version 2.5 support; (4)Flexible DDR Memory Interface ; (5)Faroudja TrueLife Video Enhancer ; (6)Advanced Picture in Picture (PiP) Features ; (7)Advanced Color Management (ACM-3D) and Adaptive Contrast Control (ACC) ; (8)On-Chip Microprocessor ; (9)Advanced Bitmapped OSD Controller ; (10)LCD Overdrive ; (11)Embedded 10-bit Dual Channel LVDS for 1080p and WUXGA panel support.


FLI8538-LF-BE block diagram